Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where i come from, Where i drive to be...

Call it a hobby call it a talent you can even call it a profession, but I call it LIFE. Makeup is my life, it has influenced me through so many aspects of my life, rather if it has to do with a large project that I was chosen to work on and paid for, or if it’s a promo TFC fashion shoot that I spent 12 hours working on, I still give the same dedication and heart filled emotion into my work. I take pride in my artistic skills, and in hopes one day open my own beauty bar to help other aspiring artist practice their cultivating ideas and touch  souls just as I continue to do. In confidence I aspire to also support plenty of non- profit organization, mainly breast cancer and young mothers, only for the reason that I can sit and listen UNDERSTAND where these people are coming from. In my next blog, I will continue in depth in regards to these movements, but until then thanks for stopping buy.

Much <3 CAM

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Friday, November 11, 2011


Must give credit to my good friend Adam for this great read, i'd like to share it on my behalf with my fellow bloggers. The bottom line to this read was simple, "Your a product of your own enviroment". You choose your path, you choose to be the 5% or the 95%, no one can change your life but YOU.

Charleen Amber Martinez = 5% ;) 

Do you live Mediocre?


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Groomed For Success

Womens Health Magazine is one of my main delightful reads in regards to anything from relationships to makeup. And today i stumbled upon this study about how the structure of your makeup can make you or break you in an interview, or just in a workplace in general. Lastly, the article gives suggested products to use for a natural well groomed look,i'd like to share a couple pf my suggestions as well:

  • Eye Cream- Bare Escentuals Eye Rev-er Upper, @ 21.00, its lasted me a whole year so far(photo is below) :)
  • E.L.F.(eyelipsface)-For brushes and Fun gadgets, this site is AMAZING its so cheap also they may sell in your local stores such as Target or Wal Mart (

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Who's Your Favorite Super Hero?

Ya imma have to go with Batman, he's still got it goin' on!
Powers: Batman has no super powers but possesses a keen intellect and superb fighting skills. Batman also has many impressive Bat gadgets including his Bat Utility Belt, the Batmobile, etc, and of course he operates from the Bat Cave located under Wayne Manor.
 History: Bruce Wayne lost his parents has a child to a robbery in Crime Alley. He grew up with a need for justice and became the Batman to put fear in the hearts of the criminal element especially that of Gotham City.(

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Long Lasting Makeup

Being on set sometimes up to 12 hours, and still managing your flawless look can be challenging. On all my models after application i spray about 3 spritz and this "Fix Spray" by MAC works like MAGIC. This would be my most recommended for a dominant finish. <3CAM


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