Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where i come from, Where i drive to be...

Call it a hobby call it a talent you can even call it a profession, but I call it LIFE. Makeup is my life, it has influenced me through so many aspects of my life, rather if it has to do with a large project that I was chosen to work on and paid for, or if it’s a promo TFC fashion shoot that I spent 12 hours working on, I still give the same dedication and heart filled emotion into my work. I take pride in my artistic skills, and in hopes one day open my own beauty bar to help other aspiring artist practice their cultivating ideas and touch  souls just as I continue to do. In confidence I aspire to also support plenty of non- profit organization, mainly breast cancer and young mothers, only for the reason that I can sit and listen UNDERSTAND where these people are coming from. In my next blog, I will continue in depth in regards to these movements, but until then thanks for stopping buy.

Much <3 CAM

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