Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jessica Rose Photography featuring Model Maribel Varges

                                Hair & Makeup by: Charleen Martinez
Bad girl, Good Intentions <3

Friday, January 20, 2012

I'd Introduce Myself BUT you ALREADY know who i'am

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Friday, January 13, 2012



From the EAST side to the WEST side! This East side Native Artist ventured off to California from Virginia about 5 years ago and has lived up to almost every aspect of her Dream here in the Heart of Cali. Being not only an extraordinary and talented Artist I'd say this kid was a natural born Californians well, this woman is my Loyal and influential friend also. Having interest in the same representationism such as ART, fashion, and all genres of music, I've been able to relate and full heatedly give this woman my mind and heart, love you JAZ. She is truly the symbol and definition of friendship in my eyes and soul. Ok ok ok enough of the bragging but i can't help it this woman is the SHIT, excuse my language i just really had to emphasis that;) Speaking of which i just thought I'd let presentation speak for itself, with art pieces worth a thousand words this girl brings not only originality and uniqueness but I'd name her the "Fire of Genius", she delivers exactly what she says "I bring NEW answers to Old questions" Check her out here: (Make sure to scroll down for all views also view the "about" to get all contact info for personal orders)

Cheers to one of my Best Friends, May all the Best Spirits Reach You!

P.S. The Good Fortune still awaits us<3  

A Womans Worth

Being a woman of worth, I'd like to share my insights on a specific woman known as "The First Lady of The World", Birth name Eleanor Roosevelt. One of my inspirations of all time, this woman fought for the enhancement of working woman in the 1940's she is one of the monumental reasons i myself are able to pursue an independent business. Being blessed with such success in my past and only more in my future, i am all so grateful, i guess you really have to understand your past to really APPRECIATE your status and near future...right? Ladies,never underestimate the power of your gender, now in this 21 st century doors to so many opportunities have opened for us, so redefine your life if you haven't already and delete and scratch out all that negativity from your personal zone. Surround your beautiful self with beautiful people who care about your well being and your future. As Eleanor, married her accomplished husband Franklin D. Roosevelt, she was able to attain nothing but positivity and firm leadership skills. So ladies if its a man of such prestige status or friends that fill you with words of wisdom to conquer the world, the key is to surround yourself with people of dedication and integrity, and most importantly one is GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION so choose's some food for thought, who's are your associates? Are they as passionate as you are about success? What is their career path? What do they value?...Think about it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Char's Foundation Top Picks

E.L.F(Eyes Lips Face) has become one of my favorites this past year. Being available at Target makes it so convenient for my makeup needs, but i only recommend this for ladies that wear a minimal amount of makeup because the coverage is very light. A plus on this is its great for dry skin so your getting the best of both worlds, as it is covering it is also giving you that milky precipitation look to your skin. Not to mention the pricing on ELF products kick butt, i stack my kit with their items all the time.
The Motto Says it all"So pure you can sleep in it", YES ladies this is absolutely true! If your looking for more of a natural base product Bare Escentuals is your route. Having worked for a counter in Sherman oaks California i was able to attain extensive training and product knowledge of this particular commodity. This bad boy will last you 6 months to a year...NO JOKE! So talking about getting the best bang for your buck...Right? If you would still like to go natural when you go out for dinners and parties please note that I'd HIGHLY recommend the "Prime Time"formula. This apricot base product is a soothing primer that helps not only give more of a whipped look, but also lasts for hours, how great is that NO TOUCH UPS :)

Taking a leap as far as a stronger more bold look, I'd go with MAC's Select SPF 15 Foundation. This is a water base product that gives awesome coverage, but yet isn't to heavy in daylight, great for the 9-5.
Now if you want MAXIMUM coverage, Your going to go with basically ANYTHING that says Studio Fix on it at MAC...haha. This line from MAC has absolute coverage, so this would be good for late night applications, weddings, Dances, Etc. Use very little when applying with your sponge this foundation can get a clownish look really quick if you don't apply right, so beginners take your time, give yourself that extra 10-15 minutes for dollface time.
This info is based on budgeting. If your on a budget and can't get to Sephora or some high end counter, I would turn to somewhere like Target or Wal-Mart where they sell my top 3 choices which would be Maybelline, Almay, and Neutrogena. These Products are usually only 10-12 bucks $$
Words From Your expert Hope this Was helpful--> <3 Char

Thursday, December 22, 2011

What's Your Skin Tone????

Ladies, i know it may seems a little difficult when you changing foundation brands or just finding that perfect color that matches your skin type. Their are THREE types of skin tones. Number 1: If your undertones have more of a "Yellowish Tone" that means your WARM and Number 2: If your undertones have more of a "Pinkish Tone" that means your COOL. And lastly, NEUTRAL undertones, their probably the luckiest because they can wear any type of color. And note that this goes for liquid or powder color, because the overall importance to this is the actual color. Please feel free to message me for any questions you may have @