Friday, January 13, 2012

A Womans Worth

Being a woman of worth, I'd like to share my insights on a specific woman known as "The First Lady of The World", Birth name Eleanor Roosevelt. One of my inspirations of all time, this woman fought for the enhancement of working woman in the 1940's she is one of the monumental reasons i myself are able to pursue an independent business. Being blessed with such success in my past and only more in my future, i am all so grateful, i guess you really have to understand your past to really APPRECIATE your status and near future...right? Ladies,never underestimate the power of your gender, now in this 21 st century doors to so many opportunities have opened for us, so redefine your life if you haven't already and delete and scratch out all that negativity from your personal zone. Surround your beautiful self with beautiful people who care about your well being and your future. As Eleanor, married her accomplished husband Franklin D. Roosevelt, she was able to attain nothing but positivity and firm leadership skills. So ladies if its a man of such prestige status or friends that fill you with words of wisdom to conquer the world, the key is to surround yourself with people of dedication and integrity, and most importantly one is GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION so choose's some food for thought, who's are your associates? Are they as passionate as you are about success? What is their career path? What do they value?...Think about it.

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