Friday, January 13, 2012



From the EAST side to the WEST side! This East side Native Artist ventured off to California from Virginia about 5 years ago and has lived up to almost every aspect of her Dream here in the Heart of Cali. Being not only an extraordinary and talented Artist I'd say this kid was a natural born Californians well, this woman is my Loyal and influential friend also. Having interest in the same representationism such as ART, fashion, and all genres of music, I've been able to relate and full heatedly give this woman my mind and heart, love you JAZ. She is truly the symbol and definition of friendship in my eyes and soul. Ok ok ok enough of the bragging but i can't help it this woman is the SHIT, excuse my language i just really had to emphasis that;) Speaking of which i just thought I'd let presentation speak for itself, with art pieces worth a thousand words this girl brings not only originality and uniqueness but I'd name her the "Fire of Genius", she delivers exactly what she says "I bring NEW answers to Old questions" Check her out here: (Make sure to scroll down for all views also view the "about" to get all contact info for personal orders)

Cheers to one of my Best Friends, May all the Best Spirits Reach You!

P.S. The Good Fortune still awaits us<3  

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